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Cold Dishes

The culture of Chongqing hotpot originated from its wharf, and the recipe of Laomatou (which means old pier in Chinese) hot pot is from Chongqing. We may not be Santa Barbara's largest hot pot restaurant, but we are definitely the most authentic Chongqing hot pot in Santa Barbara. Plus, we also have the delicious and unique “hybrid” pot in Santa Barbara.


The special of “hybrid” is it has two layers, with dry pot on the top and hot pot at the bottom. Another special of our dry hot is we provide more meat! Such as pork intestine, chicken paw, shrimp, and fillet. Our special pepper will impress you!It is so worth trying!

With multiple pots come multiple options for food lovers. Customers can choose one tier (hot pot), or two tiers (hot pot + barbecue grill), or four tiers. The hot pot and dry pot delivers the authentic Sichuan flavor – Tasty, Fragrant, Rich, Hot and Spicy. “Yin (non-spicy herbal calming tastes)” and combo “Yin &Yang” are also available for “mild” taste buds.

The soup bases (broths) are prepared from the freshest ingredients according to our secret recipes, which contains up to 45 different herbs and spices.

(The sauces are tailored to customer’s needs) Before you start on your hot pot feast, don’t forget to choose your dipping sauces. We serve up to 20 special made sauces and condiments for you to DIY. You can enjoy the different combination of flavors your taste buds savor or add some healthy condiments to your meal.

Committed to caring for people’s health, We promises to bring the freshest food to the dining table by getting deliveries from local markets every day. Every pot is freshly made according to the guest’s order. Using tongs to get raw meat and serving chopsticks for the pot food makes cooking and eating easy.


  • Simply delicious!. I will be back next weekend!

    John S.
    Business man
  • Look no further. authentic spicy chinese hot pot is right here.

    Alan Gordon
  • This is my 5th time here. my words speak for itself.

    Janet Joles